Our recipe book


Hi! In this opportunity, we are going to share our favourite recipes and create our class’ cookbook!

First, watch this video and do the activities below it:


This is my favourite recipe. It’s simple and the cookies are delicious!

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Now, it’s YOUR turn!


22 thoughts on “Our recipe book

  1. emi says:

    Ingredients:1 cup of sugar–1&1/2 cup of self-rising flour–1 cup of nut dive–1 pinch of salt–2 eggs–1/2 cup of milk–1/2 of curn oil–icing sugar for diving.
    Instructions:in a bowl mix the sugar,flour,nits and salt.Next combine the eggs and the milk whith the oil.Add that to the other ingredients.
    Distribute the preparation into the buttered and floured mold.Cook in a moderate oven 25 minutes.Last of all,present the pudding dusted in icing sugar.

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  2. benjamΓ­n says:

    ingredients:100 gr of Eagle chocolate-1/2 cup of white sugar-1/2 cup of black sugar-1 teaspoonful canellaof ginger-2 teaspoon of canella-1 pinch of cloves-1/4 teaspoonful of
    nutmeg-1/4 cup of honey- 2 eggs- 1/2 unsweetened cocoa-3 cups of flour-1 teaspoon of baking soda-150gr of butter- decoration with white chocolate
    1)Firts of all, melt a water bath or microwave the chopped chocolate and let cool.
    2) Then sift cocoa, baking soda, flour and set aside.
    3)Beat butter with both types of sugar.
    4)Now add honey, eggs and chocolate, stir until blended.
    5)incorporate dry ingredients.
    6)Next wrap in plastic wrap and let rest in the refrigerator, not less than 1 hour
    7) cut cookies, put on plate lined with parchment paper.
    8)Last of all cook in moderate oven no more than 10 minutes.
    This is my recipe, i think is delicious and easy to make, try it!!!

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  3. JULI says:

    My favorite recipe is the oats nougat.
    50 grams of butter
    50 tablespoons sugar
    5 tablespoons milk
    5 tablespoons cocoa
    8 tablespoons oatmeal
    water biscuits
    1.Melt butter
    2.Put on a bold
    3.We add 5 tablespoons sugar
    4.5 tablespoons cocoa
    5.5 tablespoons milk
    7.8 tablespoons oatmeal
    9.Foil placed in a fountain
    10.We put a little preparation on aluminum
    11.We place cookies
    12.Add more preparation
    13.We place cookies
    14.Add more preparation
    15.We place cookies
    16.Add more preparation
    17.We put it in the freezer and leave 3 hours
    18.And to eat!

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  4. Nicolas Giordano says:

    apple cake
    ingredients cake:
    3 eggs
    200 grams of butter
    300 grams of sugar
    360 ml of milk
    480 of flour
    ingredients apple:
    4 apples
    1cup of sugar
    first of all mix the sugar with the butter and add the eggs and mix again.Then pour the milk and the flour very slowly.
    next melt the cup of sugar in the mold, cut slices of apple and distribute them into the mold.Last of all add the preparation and put in the oven for 15 minutes.
    Serving Suggestion:
    Serve the cake with a glass of apple juice.

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  5. CAMILA says:

    2 eggs
    220 g of flour
    500 ml of milk
    1) In a bowl put the eggs ,100 g of flour , 250 ml of milk and mix.
    2)Add 120 g of flour , 250 ml of milk and mix again.
    3)Let stand 30 minutes.

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  6. Lautaro says:

    Lemon cake
    ingredients cake:
    1_One packet of cookies
    2_25g of butter
    3_two lemons or oreanges
    4_500 milliliters of Cream
    1_crushed cookies
    2_Melt butter
    3_put the melted butter in the cookies crushed
    4_put all in a mold
    5_put the cream and milk in a bolw
    6_Next squeeze lemon and put in the bolw
    7_break all
    8_put all
    9_And eat!!

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  7. emiliano says:

    2 125Q BUTTER
    3 2 EGGS
    5 1 FLOUR CUP
    6 1/2 MILK CUP
    in a medium bowl ,mix sugar and butter.put the eggs and the vainilla.
    later add flour and a milk cup.
    mix and when you finish,bake.

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  8. valentin giordano says:

    3 eggs
    220 grams of butter
    150 grams of chocolate
    310 grams of sugar
    370 ml of milk
    490 grams of flour
    Mix the butter with the sugar.
    Melt the chocolate
    Add the eggs and the melted chocolate
    Pour the milk and the flour very slowly
    Put the mixture into a mold
    Cook for an hour
    When the cake is cold slice it and add dulce de leche.

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  9. guido says:

    250g chocolate
    250g unsalted butter
    300g sugar
    3 large eggs and 1egg yolk
    60g flour
    1|2 teaspoon baking powder
    pinch of salt
    60g cocoa powder
    100g walnuts {optional}

    heat oven 180C
    line 22cm/22cm baking tin whit bakking paper
    mix butter and sugar
    melt chocolate
    add eggs to butter and sugar
    add flour,baking podwer,salt,cocoa powder and walnuts
    pour into lined baking tin

    bake at 180C for 30 minutes
    leave to cool completely before turning out and cutting

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  10. massonbianca says:

    *Chocolate icecream*
    250ml milk
    4 teaspoon cocoa
    6 tablespoon cocoa cream
    250cc cream
    First of all,mix the milk,cocoa and cocoa cream in a bowl.
    Then add the cream and mix.
    Next (when the mixture is ready) put it in a bowl with lid.
    Last of all,put it in the freezer for 1 day.

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  11. Lucia says:

    This is my favourite recipe to cook cupcakes of oreo for this you need :

    -Two eggs
    -140 grams of flour
    -116 grams of sugar
    -120 grams of butter
    -50 grams of cocoa powder
    -20 grams yeast
    -one tablespoon of essence of vanilla
    -70 ml of milk
    -five crushed oreos
    -small cookies of oreo
    First use a big bowl and put the flour, the yeast the cocoa powder, the 5 crushed cookies and mixture all. Next you put the milk and the vanilla and beat but you do this slowly.
    In our glass blender barillas we mix the butter and the sugar and in the same time you put the eggs.Next put the content of the bowl in the glass and knead this. When you finished this you bake this for 18-22 minutes for 180 grades. You decorate this using the small oreos.

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  12. Vera goicochea says:

    Oatmeal cookies!

    You need:
    -1 cup of flour
    -1 cup of sugar (optional)
    -125 g of butter
    -1 cup of oats
    -1 egg
    -1 lemon (optional)

    First of all use a bowl and put the butter and smash. Then put the sugar and mix very good.
    Slowly add the egg, the flour and the oats. Next separates the mix in balls andput it in the oven and bake it for 20-25 minutes. Last of all yo can put scratch of a lemon and… Ready!


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